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Circle Solutions is the leader of photo identification systems in the market place.

Circle Solutions provides computerised identification systems to a diverse range of industries:

  • Clubs and Licensed venues
  • Hire companies (video, equipment, car etc)
  • Banks and Credit Unions
  • Hotels and Motels
  • Ticketing outlets
  • Real Estate and Auctions
  • Retail and POS



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In Summary


Circle Solutions


Kiosk Application

Business Problem




The first version of Circle Solutions Kiosk had grown old and obsolete. The UI was not attractive and did not support touchscreen input. The licensing costs of SQL Server 2000 needed for its operation alone were enough to dissuade potential customers from acquiring the solution.

CoSource was commissioned to build a new version of Kiosk based on the free SQL Server 2005 Express edition with support for different ID scanning devices and cameras, touchscreen input and a redesigned UI.


A custom built application was developed in WPF and C# designed and built for extensibility allowing it to interact with different hardware interfaces.

The application has the following features:

  • Capture information & images from scanning a variety of photo-id cards including driver’s licenses and proof of age cards accurately, all within 3 seconds.Invoice departments within a single customer’s organisation (i.e Organisations that have offices in multiple countries or states)
  • OCR via the scanner device.
  • Face image acquisition through a constant photo camera feed.
  • Docket printing.
  • Customizable UI, optimized for touchscreens.
  • Adaptable to different scanning and workflow requirements.
  • High availability via database replication.
  • Administrative application with advanced search capability and specialised reports.


  • Reduced TCO taking advantage of zero licencing costs.
  • Attractive, versatile and functional user interface with much improved usability.
  • Streamlined administrative interface.

Technologies Used

** Windows Presentation Foundation ** SQL Server ** Crystal Reports ** CSSN Scan SDK ** Multimedia **

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