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Operation of more than 350 Redflex Radarcam speed and traffic monitoring cameras in 3 different Mexican cities: San Luis Potosi, Queretaro and Mexico City. This project involved the automation of the cameras for operation and data collection. integration with different government agencies’ systems to process the speed limit violations detected by the cameras and the fine elaboration and distribution to the drivers.

The Mexico City implementation of this project which included 250 cameras, had an extremely short deadline to start operations and required custom integration with the Redflex camera and government systems, including the back-office application. The deadline was met successfully and the contract was fulfilled in time without penalties.

CoSource managed the computer hardware infrastructure sourcing and set-up, and all the custom software development required for systems integration.


In Summary


Mexico City



Business Problem

Issuing speed limitations was too slow, and a lot of manual work was involved. 


Automation of the speed cameras, and integrating the back office and other 3rd party systems


The time to issue speed innovations was reduced by over 500%. 

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