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Software Development Pricing

Budget Sizes

Typically, the cost of projects we work on starts at $10,000. We also offer prepaid pricing.

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The only exception to this is smaller tasks which may be related to larger projects for our clients. Having this minimum price ensures that we provide a high quality service and also offer excellent customer support.
Existing customers do not have to worry about the project price limit we charge for new clients. Examples of situations where we charge much less include improvements or simple adjustments to existing software systems we have implemented in the past.

Affordable Options for Different Sized Organisations

We work with a wide range of businesses. Some of our clients are large organisations who require more complex, expensive solutions.


However, we also offer more affordable solutions with prices that are not beyond the reach of smaller businesses. All of our clients recognize the fact that we provide high quality work and maintain high standards when we work for them. This applies to all of our clients, no matter how big or small they are. We approach each project with the same professional attitude to ensure that you get the best solution possible and also get excellent value for money.
Our goal is to keep all of our clients satisfied by providing high quality services at affordable prices by not overcharging you. This means our rates are realistic and not too low to compromise the quality of our services.

We Work with Big and Small Organisations

Over the years, we have worked with a wide range of clients.


This means we have developed skills and expertise to cater for the requirements of businesses ranging from large blue-chip companies to sole proprietorships. We tailor our software solutions to suit different types and sizes of businesses. This approach gives you many more options and also reduces your costs because we only focus on solutions you really need.
The customised software solutions we provide are based on your budget. This means you will be certain to get an excellent return on investment by using our carefully tailored services.

Transparent and Fair Project Rates

When it comes to the rates we charge all of our clients, we believe in transparency and fairness


We do not include hidden fees or hidden charges to our initial prices. You understand fully what’s included when it comes to making a payment for our services. For work charged on an hourly rate, we provide competitive, fully inclusive rates that are also transparent and fair. To find out how we can help you, contact us today.

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