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Project Management

project management is more than just delivering a quality product on time and Within budget

Whether it’s a web site, software development or database design, our focus is about building long term relationships and providing the best services possible. Whatever the project, we develop close partnerships with our clients and their management teams in order to help them to shape their ideas and achieve their goals

Getting It Right

The most important component of good project management is being able to identify
and understand the client’s needs & values.


Our project development team’s primary function is to consult with you, our client, to find out what the application needs to do, and how best to do it. In some cases, software must do “everything.” In others, an intricate process might be necessary to achieve specific results. Whether you’re clear about your exact needs or just exploring options, CoSource has the experience and the expertise to help you to define your needs, and achieve your objectives. In the end, you get exactly what you want – the first time.

Understanding Your Values and Goals

To ensure a successful client project, CoSource identifies who are the critical stakeholders and what their values are.

As development progresses, issues may arise causing the general direction of the project to change. Before beginning a project, CoSource takes the time to learn and understand as much as possible about your business operations and philosophies in order to deliver functionality that aligns with the values and goals of the stakeholders. In doing so, we’re able to provide you with the best, most cost-effective software development solutions available.


A Transparent Process

Once your needs have been defined, the development process begins and you enjoy a transparent development process.

CoSource’s client extranet provides you with a gateway to observe progress and monitor the status of your project – anytime, day or night. For larger projects with extended time frames, an incremental approach to the monitoring process is implemented in addition to our extranet. Regularly scheduled client reviews provide the vehicle to identify and steer around potential obstacles throughout the development process.

Quality Procedures

Although CoSource regularly performs quality and performance testing throughout the life of a project

we also rigorously test our documentation and internal procedures. As each project concludes, we evaluate our processes and determine whether changes or improvements are in order.


Ongoing Support

Once we’ve provided you with a fully tested and functional solution, we part ways, right? Wrong!

Our commitment doesn’t end there. CoSource offers long term client services including tech support, product maintenance and hosting to ensure your continued success.

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