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Znode Ecommerce Solutions

a complete enterprise ecommerce solution for your business that allows for multi channel solutions, or a custom ecommerce solution


Znode is also known as a MultiFront platform which is what makes it very different from all other types of ecommerce stores. This offers you the option of creating a multi store capability, meaning you can create and control many stores and catalogs at the same time.

There are also many other advantages

Znode offers you multiple brand options – this means you can create individual stores for each brand of products you stock.


This is a great function for managing many products, promotions, catalogs. This feature is also a very powerful method of optimising your website for the search engines.

Znode offers you multiple customer types – with Znode you can manage many different types of customers that you need to deal with in your business. For example, you can separate them into retail customers, distributors, affiliates, partners or wholesalers. This is a great way to deal with different customers in different ways, such as creating various pricing structures, shipping options, special offers and payment terms.

Znode lets you create seasonal product lines – using a channel for Christmas, Easter or other special seasonal periods is a great way to bring in more income easily and quickly

Znode lets you build stores with different languages – offering your products in another language will instantly increase your income, customers and profits. This is something that many other ecommerce stores cannot offer.

Znode lets you build stores with multi currencies – many customers prefer to see and buy products in their own currency. Making this change to your online store is a good way to increase sales.

Comprehensive SEO capabilities – all generated code has been optimised by a leading American SEO company, such as advanced 301 redirects to automatically update pages when products have been switched in the catalog.


Seamlessly integrate online stores with other systems – by using a true integration middleware API, Znode can be integrated with both Microsoft and non-Microsoft systems including ERP, CMS, accounting, suppliers and more. As the middleware is not part of the store it reduces the load on webservers, ensuring that optimial performance is available for your customers.

Other features that Znode offers

Znode is a very useable as it lets you create multiple channels while being able to manage them all from one user interface.


This means you can make changes to multiple stores, without having many different applications linked together. This makes the software very easy to use and highly efficient for your business needs.

Our Work

Some of our Ecommerce Development Projects

Our team of certified developers have a wealth of experience creating e-commerce solutions, ranging from small business e-commerce websites to complex e-commerce applications that integrate into third party systems.

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